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Digital Party Invitations - Are they the future?

Posted on April 17 2018

Digital Party Invitations

Beep Beep! Your Whatsapp has just pinged (which it does several times a day!) But this time it's a message that puts a huge smile on your face. Your child has just been invited to a school friend's birthday party.  You don't have to worry about filling in a return slip or remembering to put it in the backpack ready for school tomorrow. Tap tap tap, your reply is sent instantly. "We'd love to come, thanks for the invitation!". 

When it comes to planning a birthday party we know it can be stressful. There are a million things to do and sending the party invitation is just one of them! It can be particularly stressful wondering whether that little paper invitation has made it's way back to Mum or Dad at home, anxiously waiting for people to reply so you know how many people to cater for. Here at Kids Birthday Bonanza our mission is to make life a little bit easier when it comes to party planning so wanted to share this amazing alternative to paper invitations. 


Personalised invitations in just a few clicks

We've tried it and, yes, it really is that it easy. At you can personalise a short animated invitation with your own photo and party details, send to a guest list via email and receive their RSVPs within your account, and/or download your invitation to share via WhatsApp. 

How it Works

Step One - Template themes

Select a video template. There are 15 awesome themes to choose from. 

Step Two- Party Details

Add your party details and a photo of the birthday boy or girl.

Step Three - Preview

Preview your video in seconds and if you're happy just click 'accept.'

TEMPLATE THEMES: With a range of themes including Unicorns, Superheros, Rainbows, Football and many more you're bound to find something your child will love. Why not match the invitation to one our gorgeous party ranges. 


THE PARTY DETAILS: It's so easy to fill in all the details of the party. You can include the address, date, time and even how old the birthday boy or girl will be. If you'd like to include a photo on the invitation you can simply upload and position the photo so it's perfect! 

PREVIEW:  The preview shows you exactly what your guests will see. If you need to change any of the details you can easily go back and amend them before finalising. I was so impressed with how simple, quick and easy it was to create it. 

Mini-Epic was created by a Mum and Dad who were bored of paper invitations and all the hassle that goes with them; filling each one out, stuffing them in to envelopes, sending them in to school and never receiving everyone's RSVPs! Dad is a professional animator and Mum is a media producer, and their goal is to create animated invitations that are fun to personalise, quick to send and simple to manage.

A few months after launching in 2016 they were amazed to receive an #SBS Award by retail entrepreneur and ex-Dragon Theo Paphitis, and have recently been shortlisted for the Digital Star Award in The Small Awards, which celebrates small businesses with mighty ambitions!

i know how I'll be sending invitations for my son's next birthday! 

Claire Cathcart

Founder - Kids Birthday Bonanza based in Worthing, UK.


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